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GST compliance checklist for your business

This checklist outlines 16 tasks necessary for your company to be GST compliant and take advantage of the business opportunities with the new tax system introduced....Continued

How GST impacts startups

While the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is expected to facilitate that growth, not all aspects of the new tax regime are startup-friendly. Let's weigh the positives against the negatives...Continued

GST composition scheme may come under reverse charge mechanism

The latest buzz is that GST composition scheme may come under the reverse charge mechanism. What will be the impact and challenges of this change? Read more...Continued

GST Council releases latest round of reforms

At 25th meeting, held on 18 January, 2018, the GST Council provided more relief to taxpayers by reducing additional GST rates, relaxing some compliance requirements, and introducing other reforms that...Continued

Budget 2018-19: How GST may be impacted

What will the budget have in store for GST? Widespread changes are not expected. After all, since the implementation of GST on July 1, 2017, the GST Council has held subsequent meetings to tweak many ...Continued

4 ideas for easing GST compliance

It's all left to multiple experts to ease out GST compliance measures. Doing so, they claim, would both increase the tax base and ensure that registered taxpayers can pay taxes on time without difficu...Continued

Applicability of GST on Goods Transport Agencies (GTA)

In the GST regime, the same legal position prevails for Goods Transport Agencies (GTA), but the scope of the tax has been widened....Continued

GST returns in 2018: Due dates, requirements, and penalties

The GST Council in its 23rd meeting released several new compliance and return filing procedures. Let's look at various GST returns (GSTR) and the forms that will facilitate filing them....Continued

Uncovering the complexities of the e-way bill system

At the 24th GST Council meeting on 16th Dec 2017, members rolled out a roadmap for implementing the e-way bill system....Continued

Repercussions of GST fraud on your business

Company managers should carefully track all regulations under GST aimed at preventing fraud so that they can be proactive in preventing fraudulent activities inside their companies....Continued