Case Studies

Mahesh Bhagwat

"VAT filing was never this easy and fast. Avalara helped me focus on my firm expansion rather than worry about routine activities."

Hemant Shah

"All our clients have registered for GST now, and Avalara is a natural choice for preparing and filing returns easily as per GSTN Guidelines."

Zoheb Jamadar

"Before Avalara, me and my people used to stay back in office ‘til late. Now my staff has a work-life balance, and I have picked up photography as a hobby."

RK Shinde

"Avalara TrustFile India helped us file returns at MahaVat site, 10 times the speed, without errors. Finally, there is a solution to our filing woes. We are now waiting for Avalara’s GST solution to make our life easy."

CA Kiran Patel

"Filing VAT returns is a time consuming activity. Also if we don’t file returns within the stipulated time, we have to pay the penalties. With Avalara India, we are saving a lot of time. Everything is in the cloud; acknowledgment receipts, login credentials of clients and filing history. We need not worry anymore."

Prashant Lumdhe

"With GST coming in, we were fearing the unknown. Multi state filing, destination based calculations, it was hard for my staff to come to speed. Thanks to Avalara who took my headache away by offering a GST configurable solution to fulfill all our compliance needs."

Mukund Chaudhari

"After introduction of MVAT, especially after the introduction of online submission of returns, and automatic late fees, I was constantly under pressure to meet the deadlines. Now that I have adopted Trustfile from Avalara, my professional life has become relaxed and I have started focusing on client acquisition."

Jitender Jain

"In eCommerce, anything short of automation can lead to mayhem, especially when you get really busy. AvaTax is a seamless part of the cart and knowing that it’s rooftop accurate means we can relax and focus on building our business."