Case Studies

Testimonial by Advocate Mahesh Bhagwat - Avalara India for VAT Filing

In the past, we used several pieces of software for VAT, such as ST Easy and ST VAT. But filing was still taking time and we had to check repeatedly that filing happened or not. We didn’t know what to do.

Avalara India Customer - CA Hemant Shah talking about GST automation

Two decades back, I used to personally prepare and file returns using state utility. But with practice expanding so much, manual filing stopped making sense. With so many clients, it’s like a production unit now for VAT returns, which needs to be quick and efficient.

Testimonial for Avalara India - Advocate Zoheb Jamadar, Pune

My clients tell me that they are dealing with our third generation and have confidence due to our long term association. That’s the kind of trust my clients have, and I wish to keep that intact.

Customer review by CA Ravindra K. Shinde - Avalara India

The time you’re spending on filing is valuable time you could be spending on things that are way more important, way more lucrative, and way more helpful to you as an accounting firm owner.

Customer Testimonial- CA Kiran Patel for Avalara India VAT filing solution

With Avalara TrustFile, there was really no implementation. It was just a matter of going online and learning how to use the dashboard.

Review by Avalara India customer- Testimonial for return filing software

With GST coming in, we were fearing the unknown. Multi state filing, destination based calculations, it was hard for my staff to come to speed. Thanks to Avalara who took my headache away by offering a GST configurable solution to fulfill all our compliance needs.

Customer testimonial for Avalara India - CA Mukund Chaudhari, Pune

After introduction of MVAT, especially after the introduction of online submission of returns, and automatic late fees, I was constantly under pressure to meet the deadlines. Now that I have adopted Trustfile from Avalara, my professional life has become relaxed and I have started focusing on client acquisition.

AvaTax Customer Indian Case Study - Jitender Jain, Owner at

When you open an eCommerce store, you are there to run your business, not taxes — that’s not your core competency. Managing taxes eats up way too much time.