Jitender Jain

Owner at BIGBUYS.in

"In eCommerce, anything short of automation can lead to mayhem, especially when you get really busy. AvaTax is a seamless part of the cart and knowing that it’s rooftop accurate means we can relax and focus on building our business."

Jitender Jain

When you open an eCommerce store, you are there to run your business, not taxes — that’s not your core competency. Managing taxes eats up way too much time. 

Avalara AvaTax decreases the amount of time we are required to spend to manage VAT/CST/Service Tax/KKC rates in the India market. In fact, I haven’t even looked at a tax rate since we started with AvaTax. AvaTax does that all for me.

AvaTax being a cloud based solution operates in a dynamic environment that is updating constantly, versus managing tax rates in a static environment and trying to keep up-to-date.

I always ship immediately to achieve customer satisfaction. When my customers check out, the tax rate has to be right or it can delay shipping. If tax gets delayed, it has a trickle-down effect that can lead to disaster. I have to get that product out to my customer as soon as possible. Avalara AvaTax allows me to do that. 

AvaTax will give us a huge advantage when the GST regime comes in. Instead of the mad dash to get it done, we will be ready to roll. 

I chose Avalara AvaTax because I looked into it and it’s reliable. It has never failed me. It just flows. I don’t think Avalara is expensive given the time and benefits that I get out of it.

Avalara AvaTax is the ticket for indirect tax. There is nothing else, in my opinion, when it comes to Internet sales. Anyone who’s in ecommerce – if they’re not on Avalara AvaTax, they’re missing out big time.

Jitender Jain
Jitender Jain
Entrepreneur in e-commerce, founder director of new age eCommerce Marketplace BIGBUYS.IN


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