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Potato development and other curious excise taxes – Wacky Tax Wednesday

You can tell a lot about a state from its taxes, though it’s not always clear exactly what. Consider bail bond tax, potato development tax, and telecommunications tax for the deaf....Continued

Excise Tax 101: Need-to-Know Basics for Energy Traders

Not worried about indirect taxes on energy commodities trades? You should be....Continued

When Taxes Affect Profitability on the Energy Trading Floor

If you want a sure way to increase the profitability of your energy trades, look to your tax team. There's a good chance they'll have some valuable intel you can immediately take to the trading floor....Continued

The uncertain future of the biodiesel tax incentive

A biodiesel tax incentive that has been instrumental in stimulating the U.S. biodiesel industry expired at the end of 2016. It hasn't been reinstated, but a bill that would extend and amend the incent...Continued

Alcohol taxes can drive you to drink – Wacky Tax Wednesday

The crazy-complicated world of alcohol tax can drive you to drink, especially if you handle it manually. Sales tax software-as-a-service simplifies tax compliance, keeping you on the wagon. ...Continued

Alternative Fuel Tax Credits Get Extended Just in Time for the Holidays

Coincidence or not, the Senate’s passage of a group of tax credit and incentives extenders is likely to be the best gift alternative fuel companies will receive this holiday season. ...Continued

The Tax Manager & The NFL Offensive Lineman: Fuel Taxes in Football Terms

How fuel taxes work in football terms....Continued

With Craft Beer, Bigger May Be the New Small – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Alcohol and tax go together like ice and bourbon. The more small breweries grow, the more they're taxed. Two measures under consideration in DC seek to reduce the federal excise taxes breweries pay....Continued

Sales Tax Secrets: Alabama Oil

Sometimes, when a state is an oddball, it’s easier to remember. For example, I will probably never in all my life forget that New Jersey exempts household paper products. It’s the only one. When a s...Continued