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Video streaming services and the next evolution of OTT: What about taxes?

Networks like Disney, Discovery, and Viacom are making major headlines as they announce new video streaming services, but what does the news signify from a communications tax and regulatory perspectiv...Continued

New Hampshire firm in its opposition to interstate internet sales tax

Gov. Sununu vows to fight "this outrageous attempt to force New Hampshire's businesses to collect out of state taxes."...Continued

Avalara Announces Kelly S Mathews, LLC as Titanium Sponsor for CRUSH DC

As a titanium sponsor of CRUSH DC, KSMLLC will lead a breakout session, provide product demonstrations, and have experts on site....Continued

Taking Valentine’s Day gifts outside the box – Wacky Tax Wednesday

If you buy a gift for you Valentine, you they like it. If you're the seller, you hope you get tax right....Continued

Avalara CRUSH DC Keynote Features Gartner Analyst

Gartner Research Vice President, Robert P. Anderson, will present an overview on the tax compliance software landscape at the Avalara CRUSH DC opening session on Thursday, May 10....Continued

Sales tax holidays in 2018

More than a dozen states offer sales tax holidays every year — limited periods during which specific products are exempt from state, and in some cases local, sales tax. ...Continued

The CRUSH Files: When a tax compliance conference becomes an annual tradition

Jeff Marr, Chief Financial Officer at Colter & Peterson, recounts his previous experiences at Avalara CRUSH events and explains why he's such a fan of the conference....Continued

Hawaii considers use tax reporting for non-collecting sellers

Hawaii is feeling the impact of ecommerce on its purse and may be ready to do something about it in 2018....Continued

Virginia won’t be taxing Netflix for now

At least one Virginia lawmaker believes the state should tax streaming services such as those provided by Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify....Continued

Dental prosthetics in Michigan: exempt, taxable, and exempt again - Wacky Tax Wednesday

Dentures can cost thousands, and in some states, sales tax further increases the price tag. Perhaps that's why some states can't seem to commit to taxing them....Continued