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The CRUSH Files: State tax expert Mike Fleming is unabashedly excited about CRUSH

Each year, sales tax expert Mike Fleming takes advantage of everything CRUSH has to offer. And now he’s getting ready to join us this year in Washington D.C....Continued

Alabama looks to tax marketplace facilitators

Alabama has enacted a measure that amends the state’s Simplified Sellers Use Tax Remittance program and expands collection and remittance requirements for marketplace facilitators. ...Continued

Adult-use sales tax? Wacky Tax Wednesday

Various types of sales taxes generate revenue for all sorts of specific purposes — which is why New Jersey's proposed adult-use sales tax is so intriguing....Continued

Georgia approves online sales tax, non-collecting seller use tax reporting

Georgia is one of a growing number of states to consider or adopt economic nexus and use tax reporting for non-collecting sellers....Continued

Some cities missing out on Amazon sales tax revenue according to ITEP report

An ITEP report reveals that Amazon isn’t collecting the same local taxes that brick-and-mortar businesses collect in some jurisdictions — although it is collecting the taxes it’s required to collect. ...Continued

Newegg to collect Connecticut sales tax; Connecticut to stop hounding Newegg customers

To save its customers from being hounded by the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services over unremitted use tax, Newegg has agreed to collect and remit Connecticut sales tax starting July 1, 2018....Continued

Florida to provide two sales tax holidays in 2018

Florida will provide two sales tax holidays in 2018: one for disaster preparedness supplies and one for clothing and school supplies August 3–5, 2018. ...Continued

Québec wants to tax Netflix, other non-resident streaming companies

Less than two years after then Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper likened taxing Netflix streaming services to a horror movie, Québec is seeking to tax sales of digital streaming services by forei...Continued

April 2018 sales tax rate changes

April kicks off a new quarter with a hat tip to fools and a host of sales and use tax rate changes. ...Continued

Louisiana Department of Revenue to taxpayers: Please remit use tax

Armed with new information from non-collecting retailers, the Louisiana Department of Revenue is reaching out to taxpayers who owe the state consumer use tax....Continued