Automated sales & use tax calculation
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AvaTax works in the cloud, giving you a hands-free and worry free way to manage compliance.


Advanced tax calculator
Calculate guaranteed-accurate rates in every one of the 12,000+ jurisdictions in the United States — updates take effect instantly.
Support across your organization
Compliance in complex organizations is easier than ever, with full multiple-entity support for every location and department.
Product taxability
Thousands of sales tax rules, applied to every product in your catalog for accurate calculation in every jurisdiction.
Address validation
Automatic validation and correction ensures sales tax calculations are accurate to a house-by-house level.

500+ pre-built integrations

Avalara connects to the software you already use. Add sales tax functionality to Netsuite, Quickbooks, Magento, and more.

Premium Features

VAT calculation

Empower your business to confidently tackle global indirect taxes in the EU and beyond. Avalara AvaTax automates value added tax (VAT) calculations for more than 190 countries directly within your accounting software. Because manually calculating

AvaTax Exemption

Manage exemption certificates with ease to help protect your business from unpaid sales tax and unwelcome audit risk. AvaTax Exemption is a compliance document management solution for collecting, storing and managing exemption certificates — one o

Additional integrations

Get the power of Avalara in your shopping cart, POS, CRM, and CMS software — allowing seamless tax calculations on any purchase, whether it’s from a mobile device or taken directly from the factory floor.

The way your business handles you

Returns filing

Never fret over deadlines with automated, fast returns and remittance – make just one payment and Avalara does the rest. Because, unless you went into business to be a sales tax collector, it doesn’t make sense to dedicate so much of your time to

Consumer use tax

Calculate one of the most difficult tax types with easy-to-use tools that can help you minimize consumer use tax mistakes at audit time – it’s an area you can no longer afford to ignore. All states are looking to expand their revenue streams, and

Landed cost calculation

Learn total costs, including tariffs, local taxes, and import/export duties, before shipping an international order to help ensure your customers aren’t caught off guard – and to help reduce the cost of rejected shipments. While the internet has c


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Do it all  

End-to-end automation with Avalara Sales Tax Suite >


Implementation services

Expert guidance to help your business get started with Avalara’s compliance solutions.

MatrixMaster® UPC Mapping

Make calculation easier by mapping sales tax rules and taxability to every UPC in your product catalog.


Complete high-volume transactions with near-zero latency using Avalara’s onsite server solution

VAT Expert™

For businesses selling internationally, VAT Expert solves the global trade tax puzzle.

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