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Texas temporarily exempts emergency supplies April 28–30

More than 15 states are providing more than 25 tax-free periods in 2018. Next up: the Texas Emergency Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday....Continued

What is your sales tax auditor thinking?

Discover the most common struggles witnessed by auditors. These insights just might help you avoid similar noncompliance issues at your company....Continued

Sales tax changes on the docket in New Jersey

Gov. Murphy wants to increase the state sales tax rate, tax e-cigarettes, rideshare, and home-share services, and legalize and tax marijuana....Continued

Wisconsin provides sales tax rebate for dependent children, sales tax holiday in 2018

A budget surplus means Wisconsin can offer a one-time sales tax holiday and tax rebate for dependent children....Continued

Sales tax compliance is complex and labor-intensive – Wacky Tax Wednesday

The very nature of sales and use tax can make compliance burdensome, even for brick-and-mortar businesses that only sell out of one store. ...Continued

Supreme Court hears arguments in online sales tax case

On April 17, the Supreme Court of the United States heard arguments in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., a case that could change the way states can tax out-of-state sales. ...Continued

Marketplace sales tax laws explained

Alabama and Oklahoma are the latest states to specifically tax marketplace sales. The new laws raise important questions about online marketplaces and the businesses that sell through them. ...Continued

Hawaii House encourages further discussion about online sales tax

In early March, the Hawaii Senate overwhelmingly approved two measures that would extend the state’s general excise tax (GET) to many online sales. ...Continued

Ensuring success as your business scales: The role of the CFO in technology decisions

Savvy CFOs know consistent communication with the CIO and active participation in evaluating IT solutions that support them are the keys to success....Continued

What a trade war could mean for small businesses and marketplace sellers

Talk of a possible trade war between China and the United States has many American companies worried. Here’s what it could mean for your business. ...Continued