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The Internet has revolutionized the travel industry, making it easier than ever for travelers to find and compare lodging choices. Guests expect perfection from quote to check-out. Avalara Lodging’s end-to-end occupancy tax solutions save time, increase compliance and minimize audit risk for all lodging providers, whether you’re booking hotel rooms or managing a vacation rental property. Take the pain out of occupancy tax compliance with Avalara Lodging.

✓ Simplify license renewal.

✓ Quickly provide accurate tax rates.

✓ Efficiently generate state and local returns.

✓ For hotels & motels and property owners.

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Escape the hassle of hotel and vacation rental sales tax.

Hotels and Motels

Avalara Lodging tailors occupancy tax compliance solutions to the needs of hotel and motel operators. Obtain and renew required licenses quickly and easily. Generate accurate sales and occupancy tax rates during online booking, so there are no surprises at check-out. Save time and energy by streamlining state and local returns. The hospitality industry can be a stressful. Dealing with taxes shouldn’t be.

Property Owners/Managers and Airbnb Hosts

Avalara MyLodgeTax simplifies lodging tax compliance for property owners and managers. Real time rate calculation generates accurate quotes, streamlining online booking from start to finish. Outsourcing returns eases internal pain points through efficiencies, saving time and minimizing audit risk. MyLodgeTax allows you to focus on your clients, not tax.

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