Automated sales tax return software
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Filing sales tax returns and remitting payments is complex; different rules apply for every state and local jurisdiction in which you have a sales tax obligation. Simplify the process from end to end with Avalara Returns.

When you sign up for Avalara Returns, you sign up for more time in your day and less stress in your life, especially around filing time. Returns uses transaction data from your ecommerce or accounting platform to automatically prepare all your returns in minutes — paper or electronic. Submit a single payment to Avalara via ACH transfer for your entire tax liability, and you're done. We'll remit to each jurisdiction on the appropriate date.

Your returns and payments managed — automated, easy, accurate.


Stress-free returns
Eliminate the burden of filing. Returns automatically imports your transaction and tax data then prepares and submits all forms, along with payments, to each taxing authority.
Automated, scalable filing
Multi-jurisdiction compliance in mere minutes. Avalara Returns files (and stores) returns based on individual jurisdiction requirements of various state and local agencies (e-file, paper copy) for businesses of all sizes.
Single source of payment
Simplify your accounting process and treasury management. With Returns, you submit a single ACH transfer to a secure account to cover your sales tax liability. We get the right amount to the right place.
Notice management
Leave the tax notices to us. We’ll respond quickly, providing the state or local jurisdiction with the information requested. No need for your business to manually track notices — we have it covered.
Record retention compliance
Complying with government records retention requirements is easy with Returns. Our cloud storage gives you anytime access to your current and previous years’ information.
Reduced penalty and interest exposure
Returns keeps your filings on track. Automated, on-time returns and payments help reduce your risk of late or inaccurate payments. We even respond to tax notices so you don’t have to.



Dramatically shrink the time your company spends on sales tax returns. Avalara Returns uses transaction data from your ecommerce or accounting platform to automatically prepare all your sales tax returns at once in minutes, whether you file in one state or hundreds of jurisdictions.


Returns provides e-file, hard-copy, and Streamlined Sales Tax returns, depending on jurisdiction requirements. Import data from your existing system or, if you have Avalara AvaTax, integrate transactional data seamlessly for filing. Simplify all your payments — you pay us via secure ACH transfer, and we take care of the individual payments to each entity.


It takes a huge amount of research on your part to make sure you file correctly in each jurisdiction. That's where Returns comes in to change the game. We ensure the right amount is remitted to the right taxing authority at the right time, so you can forget having to track individual jurisdiction requirements. We constantly update our system with new forms, deadlines, and other rules so you never have to worry about getting it right.


Virtually eliminate time and money spent on audits and the resulting penalties and interest. Reduce employee overhead and training costs with our easy integration. Remove hardware costs with cloud-based services that scale with your business. Our subscription-based pricing means you only pay for what you need. Download the Avalara Returns product datasheet.