Automation for excise taxes

Excise tax compliance can be a major challenge for any supplier, wholesaler, distributor, or retailer. Excise taxes, or volume-based taxes, are often complex and time-consuming to determine and file, with a wide range of product-based rules, rates, forms, and filing requirements at the federal, state, and local levels. Complexity and constant change result in high compliance costs, tax errors, and hidden audit liabilities. By automating excise taxes, including research, calculation, and filing processes, Avalara reduces compliance costs, ensures tax accuracy, and minimizes audit risk.

Fuel Excise Tax
✓ Calculation of real-time tax
✓ Signature-ready returns
✓ Serves fuel suppliers, retailers, and distributors

Tobacco Excise Tax
✓ Signature-ready returns
✓ Serves e-cigarette and vape wholesalers and retailers

Fuel Excise Tax

Motor fuel tax calculation and compliance is challenging. Tax rules, rates, and forms change frequently and are difficult to track across multiple jurisdictions, products, and tax types. We streamline and simplify the process for you.

AvaTax Excise

Real-time identification and calculation of excise taxes and value-based taxes for financial transactions involving petroleum products.

Returns Excise Enterprise

Signature-ready excise tax return generation from fuel transaction data with comprehensive support for all major U.S. taxing jurisdictions.

Returns Excise Pro

Our four-step excise tax returns filing solution for small and medium sized businesses. Ideal for companies who don’t have full-time tax experts.

Tobacco Excise Tax

Our easy-to-use, cloud-based compliance automation solution calculates taxes and generates signature-ready forms for e-cigarette excise taxes.

Returns Excise for Tobacco

Signature-ready returns across multiple taxing jurisdictions for e-cigarette and vape wholesalers and retailers.

Excise taxes simplified